HamiltonForward has a number of policies meant to both increase the supply of housing, and lower the cost of it as well. Through ideas like reducing restrictive zoning, easing rent controls, eliminating parking requirements, we can make newer, denser housing cheaper and more plentiful. Read more on our housing policy here.

HamiltonForward is a decidedly Market Urbanist advocacy group. We believe government-led planning should be reduced to focus more on safety regulations and less on aesthetic regulations. We have a number of ideas that will improve housing supply, grow the tax base, and improve our city based on this philosophy. Read more on these ideas here.

HamiltonForward believes it is integral to a modern urban core that transit is reliable, affordable, convenient, and fast. We are strong #YesLRT supporters and believe in a rapid LRT ‘BLAST’ nework. In addition, we have a few other proposals to improve transit in Hamilton. Read more on our transit solutions here.