HamiltonForward was started in May 2018 in an impromptu opposition to the City of Hamilton’s updated Downtown Secondary Plan. Frustrated by the lack of pro-development opposition to the Downtown Secondary Plan, HamiltonForward presented to Planning Committee in opposition to critical portions of the Downtown Secondary Plan, namely the escarpment height limit, heritage protection of the Wesanford homes, and the requirement for setbacks and podiums. 

Since the unfortunate rushed ratification of the Downtown Secondary Plan, HamiltonForward has worked to inform Hamilton about the consequences anti-growth policy and overregulation of development will have on the cost of housing and the design of our city. As well, HamiltonForward has worked to grow our membership and establish a Board of Directors.


HamiltonForward’s core mission to ease dense development in Hamilton, which will lower the cost and increase the supply of housing, as well as increase transit usage, animate our neighbourhoods, and improve our economy. HamiltonForward advocates for Market Urbanist policies as an antidote to the top-down central planning that has failed to keep housing affordable in Hamilton. As well, HamiltonForward will work to oppose policies that slow and discourage development in Hamilton, and work to support dense development proposals when they reach the Planning Committee.


HamiltonForward is committed to transparency and will release documents and files of relevancy on this page.