HamiltonForward’s August 2018 Update

Hello! I’ve been busy working on HamiltonForward over the past few months, and feel it’s time for our first monthly update.


HamiltonForward’s first priority is recruiting new members. We encourage you to read our vision and consider joining us, as well as inviting other like-minded individuals to join.


I’m hoping to hold HamiltonForward’s first general meeting sometime this September, where we’ll select the first Board of Directors of our group. If you’re interested in attending, please join us as a member so you get the invite. In addition, please do not hesitate to send us an email at contact@hamiltonforward.ca if you have an idea of where and when to host our first general meeting.


With the launch of our website, I’m committing to increasing the activity on our Twitter and Facebook pages, growing our audiences, and promoting new development in Hamilton.


In addition, we’ve cleaned up our logo and tagline. HamiltonForward’s logo has received better visual weighting, and our tagline has become adaptive and progressive. I’ll also be creating a visual identity guide for future use, after we set up our board.

Our new logo:

Our new tagline:
For the forward city.


Up to this point, HamiltonForward has been minimally funded by myself, Lachlan Holmes. However, I have more or less reached the limit of funding I can provide to this organization and have created a PayPal for our organization, and we now accept contributions on our site towards the operations of HamiltonForward.


This election, HamiltonForward intends to include urban development policy as a major defining issue of the election. To accomplish this, we’ll be contacting all of the candidates for Mayor and Council with 2 questions:

Question 1: The City of Hamilton recently updated the Downtown Secondary Plan, and that plan most notably included a height limit of 30 stories. Height limits across the world have resulted in lower vacancy rates, increasing rental costs, and an unfriendly development market. If elected, would you support repealing the Height Limits in favour of much-needed housing affordability?

Question 2: Hamilton has undergone an urban renaissance over the past years, but our infrastructure hasn’t caught up. While more and more Hamiltonians wish to walk, cycle, and take transit, our streets remain designed for and dominated by the personal automobile, the fight for cycling infrastructure can feel like a tooth and nail battle, and the cost to ride the HSR keeps rising while the service quality keeps decreasing. If elected, what will you do to balance the growing demand for urban infrastructure while retaining adequate automobile and heavy- transport infrastructure?

So far, we’ve received 30 responses (answers and acknowledgments of email) out of the 101 candidates contacted to date. We’ve added all the responses we have so far, and we’ll add all future responses as they are received. We are currently working on contacting the final 3 non-contacted candidates.

In addition, closer to the end of the campaign and likely in late September or early October, we’ll be ranking our preferred candidates in all races.

I encourage you to take a look at the responses by clicking here!


HamiltonForward is moving forward and we’re hoping you’ll come along! Like I said, we really do hope that you consider becoming a member (it’s free!) and running for a position on our board!

Til next time,


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